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I am a parent, educator, and life-long Oregonian running for City Council to ensure that Lake Oswego preserves and expands its reputation as a national leader in family-friendly communities. I am so grateful for Lake Oswego’s parks, public spaces, businesses and amazing K-12 education system and my first priority on the City Council will be maintaining these successes. I also know that there is work to be done to grow Lake Oswego into a premier destination so that individuals, parents, children and grandparents alike can thrive.


  • Expand and expedite the City Council’s focus on pathway development and safe pedestrian walkways

  • Expand offerings through the Parks and Recreation Program, including programs that support families with young children

  • Increased access to child care, after-school care, and support for working families throughout the City of Lake Oswego

  • Continue to expand the city’s support of diversity and inclusion, to make Lake Oswego a welcoming place for individuals of all backgrounds

  • Provide the support that first responders need to keep our neighborhoods and schools safe and our community healthy

I humbly ask for your vote to lead our city into the future, while maintaining the qualities that makes Lake Oswego such a wonderful place to live and work.



Rachel Prusak- Representative, House District 37 

Jackie Manz - Lake Oswego City Councilor

Massene Mboup - Lake Oswego City Councilor

Lin Carson - Chair, Lake Oswego Budget Committee

Kimvi To - Chair, Lake Oswego Diversity Equity & Inclusion Committee

Neelam Gupta - Chair, Lake Oswego School Board

John Wallin - Director, Lake Oswego School Board

Stephanie Wagner - Chair, Oswego Lake Watershed Council

Theresa M. Kohlhoff - Attorney at Law

Meet Katherine

Hello!  I'm Katherine Lupton, a parent, an educator and a life-long Oregonian.  I am running for Lake Oswego City Council to ensure the liveability, beauty, and continued safety of our community and neighborhoods for Lake Oswego residents and families.


I am a Spanish teacher by trade, and I am also the proud author of a popular Spanish novel for mid-level Spanish students.  I love to teach!  I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Oregon, a Masters in Spanish from PSU, and a Masters in Education from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.


While living in Baltimore, I taught in the Baltimore City Public Schools and participated with my students in the "Advocacy Project"--a program that partners students with urban neighborhood groups.  I was named one of three finalists for the national Sue Lehmann Teaching Award. I was also a semi-finalist for the Kennedy Leadership Award for Teaching Excellence.  I currently serve as a Spanish Language Examiner for the International Baccalaureate Organization.


I am proud to be a public school graduate.  Nothing is more important to me than education and providing opportunities for all of our students to succeed. 


As a student of Education policy, I learned that the most effective policy is policy that is responsive to community needs.  Policy is a living instrument that must be responsive, transparent, flexible, and accountable.  This applies especially to government policy.


As a City Council member, I will listen to you.  I will attend all meetings.  And I will prepare by thoroughly studying the preparatory materials and by investigating the issues.  I will support policies that increase the transparency and accountability of the Council.  With your help, I will work to protect and advance our abundant natural resources, our safe neighborhoods and shared public spaces, and our community health and well-being.

Nov. 8th

Election Day

Meet Katherine
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